Chatsworth Dancing Pencils Academy

It was nine degrees in Durban when two new mentors trained with Felicity to assist Rabia Cassimjee with the Chatsworth Dancing Pencils Academy which is growing its membership. Both Khatija Akoo and Jaishree Narain are training as teachers so they will be able to assist Rabia and also to help in the schools in which they are placed.

It was great fun, and also hard work, for the members of the Chatsworth Dancing Pencils Academy when they had their annual workshop with Felicity Keats.

Last year, all the members did their own stand-alone books. The stories were all very different, reflecting the different members in the club. They range in age from 6 years to 16 years.

As the children stay committed to their writing club which meets regularly, their stories grow longer and the depth increases too. Keep it up, Chatsworth Dancing Pencils Academy! and well done to your mentor, Rabia Cassimjee.

Putting it into Practice

Two new Mentors who trained yesterday for the Chatsworth Dancing Pencils Writing Academy were thrown into a real-life situation with the start of a three day workshop for children in Chatsworth.

The training took place at the home of Mentor Rabia Cassimjee, but at the end of the holidays these will continue on a Saturday morning in a local library.

Three hours of writing in the school holidays? That’s what the children happily did this morning, and the results were stunning! This is preparing for the Durban City Hall launch in December this year.

Reading to a non-critical audience

One of the requirements of right brain creative writing is that the audiences to which the young people read are non-judgmental and non-critical.

At the Chatsworth Dancing Pencils Academy 3 day July training, these 12 children were too shy to read aloud to the group.  It is vital to HEAR what is written as the right brain writes without “thinking” – so these children chose to read outside to really non critical audiences – the pole, the letter box, a tree and so on!!

It was great fun and the children all wrote and illustrated a “book” each in the morning.


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